Sunday, June 24, 2012

Be Safe, Not Sorry, And...Make a Difference

Most of my weekends are pretty much the same - that is, if I'm in town and not running around like a mad person.  I ride my horse every Saturday morning and every Sunday morning, even if it's raining - like today.  On one of our recent rides, two of us were encouraging another to get her Road ID bracelet.  I encouraged her to order through this website,  She asked whether I was donating the proceeds to a worthy cause - great question?  I hadn't really thought about that, but it was a great suggestion.  As a result, NOW, whenever you purchase a Road ID product from this website, I will donate the proceeds to a charitable cause.  This month proceeds will be donated to a charity I just learned about - 16 Hands Horse Sanctuary.  You can get more information by clicking their name on this page. 

So, whatever your sport of choice is - protect yourself from disaster with your Road ID identification.  Be Safe, Not Sorry - And, Make a Difference!