Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Riding Solo

On Saturday I had the rare occasion to ride alone.  Usually I'm surrounded by my good friends and riding partners, Gayle King, Lisa Dietrich and Caren Stauffer.  Yet, here I am - a beautiful day and no one but my horse, Sierra to go with.  So, I made the decision to ride alone.  I chose a spot where there would be plenty of people in case something did happen and I set out.  I was happy I had my RoadId bracelet - it has my name, my in case of emergency contact information for my husband, my office and my home.  If I wanted to, I could include important medical information. 

In the event I had taken a tumble off my horse, my RoadId bracelet would have all the information necessary to make sure the proper people were notified. 

It was a great ride - no incidents.  Just a beautiful day!