Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be Safe, Not Sorry - Limited time promotion

Here's a promotional code for 10% off the RoadID wrist ID slim.  Enter "pcDeanMar12" to take advantage of this offer - only for a limited time! 

RoadID Bracelets and identification tags aren't just for horse back riders - but they are a great idea.  They are for anyone who is outdoor active and may get separated from their identification.  One runner told me yesterday he likes the tag that goes on his shoes.  After we talked for a few minutes we both realized that it isn't uncommon, if someone where to be hit by a car, there shoes could fly off!  Then the identification is missing. 

My cardiologist says he wears a RoadID bracelet when he runs but he takes it off when he's finished.  Why take it off?  You never know when you'll need your ID and contact information. 

Can you think of a person, situation or sport that would benefit from RoadID?  Send me your comments!  Thanks for everything!