Sunday, May 6, 2012

Make Every Day Safe

Today, we were lucky enough to have a group of six riding together.  Still, lots can happen.  I realized I forgot to wear my RoadID bracelet because I had taken it off for a semi-formal affair I attended on Friday night.  Normally, I wear it every day, for every occasion.  My friends and I were talking about our bracelets - one said, "No problem you don't have yours today, you have us."  That was true but would they really have the information they might need in the event of an emergency.  No one knew my husband's cell phone number or whether I was allergic to any medications.  Two very important pieces of information that are both on my bracelet. 

A few weeks ago, I actually did fall off my horse.  This doesn't happen very often - thankfully.  But, here we were - just two of us.  A beautiful day - not a care in the world when a mother cow and her calf "pop" out of the woods unexpectedly.  Both horses spooked and I ended up on the ground.  I wasn't injured, in fact, didn't even manage to get dirty.  A possible tragedy was avoided.  I did have my bracelet on and that would have provided all of the necessary information to make sure I was cared for properly.

If you engage in any type of outdoor activity - it doesn't have to be horse back riding, then you need to have your RoadID, brought to you by  Order yours today!