Sunday, June 30, 2013

Road ID now offers identification for pets! Order yours today!

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Dog is man's best friend. We don't mean that in a gender-specific manner, ladies; we all know the family pooch loves you most. Introducing: the Jumbo Scout ID. As HUGE animal lovers, we couldn't resist making an ID for our own dogs (Scout and Coal). Now you, too, can own the same ID that our pooches proudly wear. It's truly a great ID that attaches securely to any 1" (25mm) wide collar. So, say goodbye to your dog's cheap, jingle-jangly ID tag and say hello to the ultra-durable, sleek and quiet Scout ID. It also works great on horse bridles, for all you equestrians. Available in 4 colors. Fits any 1" (25mm) wide collar.
Size: One Size Fits All

You can access the Road ID website by clicking the link on the first page - all proceeds go for the protection of animals!  July's proceeds recipient - Horse Protection Association of Florida (